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The confluence of documentary and fiction

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The OFUKU movies trace the real life of Takashi Hasegawa, a.k.a. OFUKU. Since suddenly losing his beloved mother at the age of six, Hasegawa has always lived pursuing the lingering image of his mother. That is exactly what OFUKU’s story is.  He continues to search for something to fill himself but is never satisfied.   

In the film, OFUKU forgets to die because of her obsession with her mother’s last words. She has continued to live since her mother passed away in the Edo Period (Samurai Era). Everyone is born from a mother, and lives on until one’s time comes carrying the lingering image of one’s mother in mind. The story of OFUKU is an endless journey towards Mother.  

Another truth about OFUKU is that she overcomes everything with laughter. In her view, whatever hardship and despair you have, you can overcome it, as long as you keep the world of laughter with you. You pull through without giving up, until you are able to laugh again.  

Takashi Hasegawa and his father worked hard to keep their family business going after his mother’s death. When the financial bubble broke in Japan, they found themselves to be 2 billion Yen ($18 million USD) in debt. But Hasegawa was lucky and had an indomitable spirit. One day, Hasegawa found himself dressed as OFUKU, wandering around Ginza.  Everyone laughed at him – which was an unknown experience for him.










第2弾OFUKU 2- mother –(2017, 15 minutes)

第3弾OFUKU 3 -lose way- (2018, 15 minutes)

第4弾OFUKU 4- separation- (2019, 15 minutes)

「OFUKU」1~4 国際映画祭正式上/受賞


ニューヨーク国際映画祭ノミネート正式上映 主催特別賞

チェルシー映画祭ノミネート正式上映 主演女優賞

チェルシー映画祭ノミネート正式上映 審査員特別賞


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About OFUKU the movie

OFUKU 1 (2016, 15 minutes)

Tomiko (Tomi-chan) who is dreaming of being an actress and Kyoko both

work at a Japanese-style restaurant “Tsukiji Jisaku”.

When Kyoko was at a shrine to pray for her father’s recovery from his

disease, she happened to see OFUKU for the first time.

OFUKU, who is an officious person, trys to save Tomi-chan from a

money-mad guy, Miyajima with Kyoko.

For Tomiko who had one misfortune after another, OFUKU came up with some

off-the-wall ideas and tried to rescue her from a financial crisis.

Gradually, Miyajima also gets more and more involved with OFUKU’s

kindness and officiousness.

Second: OFUKU 2- mother -(2017, 15 minutes)

Third: OFUKU 3 -lose way- (2018, 15 minutes)

Fourth: OFUKU 4- separation- (2019, 15 minutes)

International film festival awards

Official Selection & Screening at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner,

Best Actress Award at Chelsea Film Festival.

International Filmmaker Festival of New York, Excellence Awards Honorable Mention.

Official Selection & Screening at Madrid International Film Festival.

Official Selection & Screening at Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles.